Output of the VLC 3.0 video player

Reference of video playback software, VLC is only rarely updated by its developers. We remember the Android version which took a long time to release in stable version, whereas the market had been asking for it for years. All software packages VLC now switches to version 3.0 “Vetinari” on all operating systems: Windows, macOS Linux, Android, iOS Apple, Apple TV and Chrome OS .

VLC 3 on Windows

Windows, Mac and Linux computers that have updated VLC in version 3.0 or higher, can now enjoy 360-degree videos in their favorite player. Very high definition 4K and 8K 4K and 8K in h264 and h265 formats are supported, as is 3D audio (and of course TrueHD E-AC3 and DTS-HD ). The publisher announces that processor and graphics card will be used less in video file playback thanks to the improved performance of VLC third of the name.

From the menus of VLC you can now search for films stored on the local network (LAN ) with the protocols FTP , SFTP , NFS , SMB …

VLC 3 on Android

VLC version 3 on Android now allows you to broadcast videos on a Chromecast. The software VLC converts in real time so that Chromecast can read them on a TV or a video projector. This will consume battery power on the smartphone or tablet but the functionality was expected and then long expected to deliver downloaded movies or home videos. In addition, VLC 3 is able to play live video over a network (protocols SMB , NFS and others), no more need for Plex servers in UPnP .

We can even decode x265 by UHD with a simple smartphone!

VLC 3 on iPhone

The devices iOS are not to be outdone. Just as compatible with streaming with a Chromcast, the iPhone also receives the update of the video player with its new features: support for the HDR and the HDR Tone-Mapping, 360° videos, 3D audio, network navigation (to a NAS for example). A new subtitle engine optimizes their integration on mobile screens and VideoLAN adds the complete optimization for iPhone X, as shown in the picture below.

download VLC  3.0 iPhone

From a technical point of view

If the major update of VLC was able to release at the same time on all platforms, that’s because all the code was rewritten to VLC 3.0. A welcome homogeneity for the evolutions and maintenance that will benefit the software more quickly, on all media. All devices, regardless of their operating system, now support hardware video decoding.

Of course it is, VLC can still read everything: MPEG -2, MPEG -4, H.264, H.265, MKV , WebM , WMV , AVI , DiVX and adds WebVTT , TTML , HQX , CEA -708 and Cineform. Audio is not forgotten with MP3 support, AAC , WMA Vorbis, AC3, DTS , TrueHD , FLAC …

HD and UHD are of course supported, at 4K 60 fps and even 8K. Windows 10 Fall Creators Update (1709) knows how to manage the HDR on 10 and 12 bits, other operating systems will use the HDR Tone-Mapping. The Dolby codec DTS Master Audio will use the HD MI Passthrough to avoid having to process the sound track twice.

We can already say that VLC 3.0 will be a kind of version LTS multimedia software. Indeed, VLC 4.0 will no longer support Windows XP no Vista, no Mac OS X 10.7 or 10.8 and will also remove compatibility with Android 2.3. All these operating systems still have the chance to receive a stable update today. The license remains valid GNU GPL type LGPL -2.1.

Download VLC 3.0

As already seen on this page to download VLC the French software VLC media player remains free of charge and does not carry spyware, viruses or advertising. Do as a billion people on Earth do: download VLC to play your videos!

download VLC  3.0