OneDrive: synchronized file icons

Microsoft OneDrive cloud storage software is directly integrated with Windows 10. In addition, each Outlook or Hotmail account gives you the right to 5GB of free online storage on OneDrive. This will not allow you to store ten years of photos or a lot of music in it, but this space is enough to copy important documents such as invoices, contracts, a CV etc.).

However, there is a paid version to increase this storage space to 100GB or 1TB, for a monthly fee of €2 or €7 depending on the volume chosen. And there, no need to choose what to back up since you can move all your personal files, including photos, videos, music, documents… The prices are to be discovered here .

Discovering OneDrive with a explanation on the different icons that can be seen on the files .

Explanation on OneDrive file icons

tutoriel OneDrive icone nuage bleu local en ligne

The blue cloud icon on a file means that the file is available in the OneDrive space but is not currently copied to the computer. If you need to open this file, you will need to be connected to the internet to download a copy of this file. Then, this document will be synchronized with OneDrive online but a copy will still be available on the computer, even in offline mode without being connected to the Internet.

tutoriel OneDrive icone v vert local en ligne

A file with a “green circle” dot was an “online only” file that became a local copy on the PC because it has already been opened on this device.

tutoriel OneDrive icone v vert local en ligne

The green disk icon with a “v” inside means that the file is set to “Always keep on this device”: this way, these files are downloaded to the computer or smartphone even if they have never been opened and will never be. This is the most disk space consuming option on the device that is connected to OneDrive. On the other hand, this provides a totally offline mode since it will not be necessary to have an internet connection to open this file for the first time.