Latest version of Firefox compatible with Windows XP or Vista

If there are still Windows computers XP in circulation, the support offered by Microsoft has long since stopped for this operating system released in 2001. Indeed, the publisher has stopped distributing new security updates since 8 April 2014 which is almost thirteen years after it began to be marketed. A record longevity for a OS which contributed to the sound financial health of the American company, both for individuals and companies.

Since then, the lifecycle has been reduced and the workstations are regularly updated in Windows 10 versions, with two major updates per year.

If Microsoft no longer offers support to Windows XP there is nothing to stop you from using it on an old computer on a daily basis. Also, in case of failure, it is always possible to reinstall it with the CD of the original installation. Then, a look at Microsoft Update / Windows Update will allow you to add some patches published before 2014, to have a minimum of updates. Of course, antivirus software is essential to protect a OS as fragile as it is old.

And to go on the Internet, it is better to avoid using Internet Explorer 8, the latest opus. Hence the proposal of install Mozilla Firefox on a Windows computer XP Vista / Vista to have a recent, protected, fast and extension-compatible browser ( antipub for example). If the software Mozilla Firefox is not maintained in its most recent versions for XP the latest compatible to date is not without interest.

The latest version of Firefox Windows compatible XP and Vista is 52.9.0 ESR (for Extended Support Release, long term edition).

Firefox 52 ESR  Windows XP

Install Mozilla Firefox for Windows XP and Vista

1. Download the complete and free installation of Firefox 52.9 version ESR . This is the latest Windows compatible version XP and Windows Vista. It can be downloaded live on the old computer or on a newer one and put the file “Firefox52esr.exe” on a key USB .

Download “Firefox 52.9 ESR ” Firefox52esr.exe – Downloaded 97921 times – 44 MB

2. Install the software as a regular program, leaving the default choices (Next, Next…).

3. The web browser is installed and runs on Windows XP / Vista.