Future expected and requested features of Microsoft Teams

Business communication software that will become as well known as Skype or Outlook, Microsoft Teams still suffers from its youth and many useful functions are still missing from the program. Microsoft is obviously working to improve its software, but there may be a gap with reality, as users sometimes have other priorities than the application developer.

As a simple user of the product Teams it is possible to make requests to add new functions, modify a disruptive action or request the return of a deleted feature. You can also simply vote for the ideas already proposed. This happens on Microsoft Teams UserVoice . Also, Microsoft is putting part of its roadmap editor so that we know what will soon be distributed in the next Office 365 and Teams updates.

Not everything will come out in 2019 or 2020. It will therefore be necessary to be patient and postpone Slack to Teams, Skype to Teams migrations or simply for the adoption of the Microsoft Teams collaborative work solution.

Teams: the most requested future functions

1. Support for private channels

A simple request, long available on Slack. Private channels allow you to chat live with members, instead of having to create teams as is currently the case with Teams. A request made since November 2016, which received more than 22,000 votes and finally approved in July 2019 by Microsoft Teams engineers.

update Microsoft Teams nouvelles fonctions

2. Integrate Office 365 group calendars into Teams

One-click access to these Office 365 group calendars to get an overview of tasks and appointments that involve multiple people.

update Microsoft Teams nouvelles fonctions

3. The multi-accounts

With Teams, for the moment, it is impossible to connect to several accounts at the same time. It is necessary to log out of an account to log in with another email address. This is very constraining for people who work with different organizations, such as the consulting profession for example. Today, if each entity uses Office 365 and Teams, it is necessary to play connections / disconnections to see the received messages, access a file, etc.

On this point, Slack manages multiple workspaces with different accounts or with the same email address very well.

update Microsoft Teams nouvelles fonctions

4. Compact display mode

Microsoft Teams is ideally used in full screen but it is not everyone’s will. The compact mode has the advantage of being able to keep an eye on a quick conversation while doing other things on open applications at the same time. Here again, the demand is successful, certainly supported by the fact that this possibility is given by Slack, Teams’ main competitor.

update Microsoft Teams nouvelles fonctions

5. A Teams application for Linux

Teams is currently compatible with Windows computers and macOS as well as on smartphones Android and iOS (iPhone). Linux distributions are forgotten, which is a barrier to the deployment of the solution in the enterprise. Indeed, it is not uncommon to have a few Linux workstations in a company’s IT department and this therefore prevents the democratization of the tool.

Using Teams in a web tab is not optimal, it is necessary for Microsoft to publish a real software client in.deb (Debian, Ubuntu…) and.rpm (Fedora, Red Hat, CentOS …) for companies to migrate completely to Teams. Again, Slack has been Linux compatible for a few years.

update Microsoft Teams nouvelles fonctions

6. A multi-window mode for chatting

Several simultaneous conversations with a dedicated window for each. This is the need for more than 8,000 people according to the UserVoice Teams. Microsoft replied that it would work on the subject to provide the best way to do so.

update Microsoft Teams nouvelles fonctions