Edit and convert PDF files with PDF only

Created in 1992 by Adobe, the Portable Document Format (PDF ) has become a standard since 2008 ISO . Its success is such that the PDF has established itself in companies (invoices…) and administrations (certificates…). It is also the format chosen for the dematerialization of documents (GED ) to scan and inventory all company documents.

Create a file PDF from Word or Excel is very easy with Windows 10 ( tutorial to read here ) or with an older version of Windows (PDF Creator). Business applications (Sky, Wise….) generally include a printer PDF and a viewer PDF in their solutions.

The main advantage of the format PDF is that documents can be distributed so that any computer, tablet or smartphone can open it and without altering the layout. A file type that has been in use for many years, the PDF is usually opened with the Adobe Acrobat Reader program, for viewing only.

However, opening a file PDF is sometimes not enough and there is a need to modify the document, for example to add content, change text, replace an image. Also, sometimes we need to convert a file PDF in another format (Word doc / docx, Excel xls / xlsx, etc).

To edit a file PDF or convert it to another type of file, there is the original Adobe Acrobat Standard or Acrobat Pro software, which costs at least 15€ per month per computer, or use a program from a third-party publisher that offers sufficient functions for less expensive or even free. While free software often has a counterpart (advertising or spyware ), a paid software will be more suitable for companies that want a reliable tool that is not sponsored by potential viruses.

PDF Wondershare element is a tool that costs 99€ per workstation (lifetime purchase) or less expensive per larger quantity.

Install PDF element

1. Download the program PDF element on the official website of Wondershare . Click on the blue button “.  Free trial  “to test the software. Compatible with Windows and Mac, this tutorial on Windows 10 can also be followed for macOS.

2. Open the downloaded file to install the program. The installation is very simple: accept the license agreement and click on the ” button  Install  » .
The “customize installation” option just proposes to uncheck the participation in the customer experience improvement program. In concrete terms, this will send anonymous information to the software publisher: you can disable this option. Close the web page that opens to thank us for installing the program.

tutorial installer PDF element modify file PDF

3. Easy to use, the software PDF element 6 Pro asks what you want to do:

  • Modify PDF Edit a document: edit a document PDF to correct or add information
  • Convert PDF to transform a PDF in Word, Excel or other format
  • Create PDF Convert a document or image to a file PDF
  • Combine PDF paste several files PDF to make it into one
  • Batch processing Automate tasks to convert an entire list of tasks, for example PDF

tutorial installer PDF element modify file PDF

Modify PDF

1. Open a file PDF .

2. The buttons (Microsoft Office style) on the tab Modify allow you to add text, insert an image, do text recognition OCR and other office automation functions.

tutorial installer PDF element modify file PDF

3. Save the document PDF once the changes have been made.

Convert PDF

1. Open the file PDF to be converted.

2. Select a location where to register the new document and choose the File type before clicking on Registering .

The available formats are: Word (doc and docx), Excel (xls and xlsx), PowerPoint (ppt and pptx), image (jpg, png, gif, tiff, bmp), text (txt), html, rtf, hwp, hwpx and epub.

tutorial installer PDF element modify file PDF

3. The conversion takes only a few moments, depending on the size of the original document.

tutorial installer PDF element modify file PDF

Create PDF

Create a *.pdf file with PDF Element has less interest than the other functions since Windows 10 integrates a printer by default PDF : Microsoft Print to PDF ( which can be renamed for easier use).

Combine PDF

1. Adding files PDF to be assembled.

2. Choose the meaning in which to combine them, the page range to be included (all or part of the documents) and the destination folder to save the new file PDF complete.

tutorial installer PDF element modify file PDF

3. The new document opens automatically. Modify it if necessary but do not forget to register it because before that, the document PDF is not saved on the hard disk.