Protect against WannaCry on Windows 10

The global attack on Windows computers, known as Wanna Cry, is a ransomware virus that locks computer files and demands a ransom ( see details on this page ). It is important to protect your PC to avoid losing personal files, whether office documents, photos or databases, since this type of threat affects both individuals and professionals.

If the operating systems concerned by WannaCry are only versions of Windows (not Mac or Linux), not all versions of Windows are affected. Thus, Windows 10 is not a target of this WannaCry attack but that does not exclude that this version is not targeted by a future threat.

Protect a PC Windows 10 against WannaCry

As mentioned above, Windows 10 is not targeted by the WCry ransomware so it is not necessary to download and install a patch to protect against the WannaCry threat .

But this does not prevent you from checking Windows 10 updates to protect against other security vulnerabilities. and to be sure to have the latest patches available from Microsoft. At least once a month, the editor delivers a series of patches to fix, add or modify Windows features. These updates are strongly recommended to keep an operating system up to date and therefore better protected.

Check for Windows 10 updates

1. Open the start menu and click on the gearwheel icon to open the Parameters :

tutoriel Windows 10 menu demarrer Parametres Panneau de configuration

2. Choose ” Choose “.  Updating and security  » :

tutoriel Windows 10 Mise à jour et sécurité

3. On the left, click on “.  Windows Update  » :

tutoriel Windows 10 Update mise a jour

4. Check the status of system updates:

If the last check date is too old, click on “Check for updates” and install what is proposed.

Don’t forget the antivirus

It is also recommended to check for updates of the antivirus software. Whether it is Windows Defender, the free antivirus delivered with Windows 10, or the application of a specialized company (Avast, Norton, McAfee…), all antiviruses are in “automatic update” mode to regularly download the latest virus protection.