Download Windows patches against the Spectrum and Meltdown vulnerabilities

A major security breach has been discovered affecting all computers and connected objects around the world. This is not a breach in an operating system but a problem that affects processors, i.e. the engine of each computer, server and even connected cars. Attacks of the type side channel attacks are thus possible. For once, critics will say, it is not only Microsoft products that are targeted by this security hole.

This is a security flaw discovered in Intel brand processors, AMD Apple, Qualcomm, IBM and ARM . These manufacturers are the ones who supply the microprocessors for all our devices.

At Intel alone, the range of products concerned by this problem is very wide, since all the CPU manufactured over the past ten years have been impacted: Intel Core (i3, i5, i7 and M) since the first generation, Intel Xeon all series, Intel Atom (C, E, A, x3, Z) and even the small Intel Celeron and Pentium (J, N).

This applies to all our devices, from the Windows desktop to the enterprise server running on VMware or FreeBSD through our tablets and

Spectrum and Meltdown are easier names to remember for CVE -2017-5715, CVE -2017-5753 and CVE -2017-5754. It should be noted that manufacturers and publishers have been informed since November 2017 but a non-disclosure agreement (NDA ) has only made this safety issue public since the very beginning of January 2018, while the actors find a way to protect their equipment.

Protect Windows from Meltdown and Spectrum

Windows Update

According to Microsoft, all you need to do is download and install Windows Update updates to be protected. This is possible from the patch tuesday of January 2018 which proposes the cumulative patch 2018-01. This is the easiest way to protect your computer against these two major security breaches.

Launch Windows Update on computer and server ( tutorial ) to install everything that is proposed as important updates.


Download the patch

Each time, choose between 32 and 64 bit versions depending on your machine ( explanation ).

If there is a problem after installation on Windows 7, read this procedure .
Installation of this patch is not recommended if your machine is equipped with a processor AMD .

For servers :

Restart Windows after installing the patch patch.