Download WannaCry protection for Windows XP

Despite appearances, the old Windows system XP is still widely used worldwide. Whether it is with private individuals but especially in companies where they still manage production machines, cash dispensers, etc.. Still a lot of Windows XP in nature and these are no longer updated by Microsoft since 2014.

Unfortunately, the WannaCry ransomware virus affects Windows XP . And without a Windows Update update, how do I do it? Microsoft has exceptionally released a patch to protect all computers still running with XP .

This is the KB4012598 security update which is not available through Windows Update but only for download from the Microsoft site, here are the direct links.

Download the WannaCrypt patch for Windows XP

To deploy it from the command line, the following switches can be used:

  • /passive silent installation without user action to validate the update
  • /warnrestart Displays a message on the screen to warn of restart within 30 seconds

In this way, the entire network will be protected against WCry and its variants. This does not prevent you from using antivirus software to secure Windows machines XP .