Tesla software version 10

Autonomous car on a car park , video streaming and mode karaoke the Tesla become multimedia stations to do a lot more than just drive! Tesla innovates again and again. The Software Version 10.0 as Elon Musk has chosen to soberly call it, brings many new features. This is the biggest update of the software embedded in Tesla Model S, X and 3 according to its founder.

It was not a necessity at the wheel but the updated Tesla now benefit from video services Netflix , YouTube and Hulu on the huge dashboard screen. In China, in response to the government’s blocking of these sites, iQiyi and Tencent Video are the ones accessible via automotive streaming. Of course, in both situations, video playback is blocked when the vehicle is in motion. You will have to park to watch a video, even if many people use YouTube as a simple music player.

For them, it will be through Spotify that you will have to spend in order to listen to tracks on your way to work or on holiday. It should be noted that you must have a paid Spotify Premium subscription to benefit from it. A system that pushes you to buy, like Sonos and its speakers that don’t work with a free Deezer or Spotify account.

You can also listen to podcasts by Ximalaya and sing at the top of your lungs thanks to Caraoke (a well-established name). And video games are not forgotten since the first title, Cuphead, was released on Tesla Arcade.

Tesla vehicles equipped with full autopilot control (Autopilot Full Autopilot Autonomous Driving Capability) will take advantage of Smart Summon, the new name of the intelligent recall system, to get the car out of the garage or a tight parking space, without human assistance.

As always, the major update of Tesla software version 10 is done by wifi. Let’s hope your internet box is powerful enough for the wifi signal to be picked up in the garage! And enough to make others want to buy the Model S sedan, the big X or the almost compact 3!