Technology embedded in a Mercedes A-Class

In 2012, Mercedes had achieved a stroke of genius by offering a sporty and young aesthetic to its compact. Commercial success was achieved in the first few weeks of release, changing the customer target and giving a new lease of life to the starred range. Indeed, the old Mercedes A-Class was aesthetically questionable, closer to a Renault Modus than a German premium car. The elderly appreciated this model, the first of which came out of the factories in 1997.

The A-Class W168 then gave way to the slightly more successful W169, which did not win more motorists. However, more than two million units of these two phases have passed, but Mercedes’ renewal took place in 2012 with the A-Class W176, a real competitor to the Audi A3 and BMW Series 1 by its premium and sporty design. Most French sales were made with 180° engines CDI a 110-horsepower Renault dCi engine block combined with a manual gearbox.

But at the beginning of 2018, the new Mercedes A-Class, restyled to succeed the model released in 2012, became a technological gem. While its front grille is more aggressive and its rear grille is in line with current standards, it is inside that the most interesting thing is to discover. Of course, entry-level finishes are not the best and we will have to buy a “new” one. AMG Line” to benefit from this equipment.

And of course some well chosen options, detailed in this video which also presents all the comfort and practical advantages of having so much embedded technology. We talk to the car (voice assistant) that is running. The lighting atmosphere changes on request. The virtual cockpit is divine. Breathtaking.

For your information, the Class A range is composed of Style Line, Business Line (for professionals), Progressive Line and AMG Line, with its body kit imitating the sporty versions of the brand. Expect +5000€ between the accessible version and the top of the range. If the Mercedes A180d AMG Line Line BVA is posted at 37 000 €, it will be necessary to add a few thousand to buy the additional equipment. The model in the video test is exchanged for the modest sum of 50,000 €. For a compact car.

With a small diesel engine. But very top-of-the-range, dignified, S-Class in a reduced format.