New in 2020 from Microsoft Teams

At the Microsoft Ignite 2019 event, the publisher unveiled new features that will enhance its communication software. Microsoft Teams will soon be fully integrated with the Office suite and mainly Outlook, to improve interactions between the two email applications. Overview of the new Teams functions announced at the Microsoft Ignite main event in Orlando, November 3-7, 2019. The French edition takes place in Paris on 13 and 14 November.

Some of what is announced in the Microsoft Teams roadmap between expected and expected functions.

Teams and Outlook

A new button”.  Share on Teams  “will appear in Outlook of the office suite, to give the possibility to create private channels following an e-mail discussion thread. This button will be called “Share to Teams” and will be called “Share to Microsoft Teams” on the English versions. A way to encourage the shift from traditional e-mail to less formal exchanges.


Pinned channels

A feature that is missing in the current version of Teams. Be able to pin channels to keep the most used teams at the top of the list. A reorganization with a personalized list is expected by the early adopters of the Microsoft tool.

Tasks in Teams

Microsoft has planned to add a task pane in Teams. It can be customized and include tables, images, graphs, schedules or lists.


Yammer x Teams

Microsoft wants to integrate Yammer into Teams to give quick access to communities and events in the corporate social network. Polls and surveys could also be added. MS thus marks the beginning of Yammer’s end of life.