Boston Dynamics’ dog robot

He weighs 32kg and is almost never tired. This robot does not look like a dog, at least it lacks the head, tail and hair, but it behaves like one. Boston Dynamics engineers have designed a robot to assist men in their repetitive and difficult tasks . The canine robot can carry loads of 14kg on its back and operates in a temperature range between -20 and +45°C. Water and dust resistant (IP54 standard), the quadruped robot Spotlight can now be ordered for delivery from the end of 2019.

If we first imagine that a human being must control these bugs, and this is the case thanks to an application on a tablet to manage them, artificial intelligence also does its part of the work since the objective is to make robot dogs totally autonomous, able to analyze a situation and react accordingly. And as a way to fill up on vitamins, you’ll just have to plug them into an electrical outlet to recharge their battery.

With a planned production of 1000 Spot robots per year, Boston Dynamics hopes to gradually democratize the use of intelligent machines for surveillance rounds, help in handling, do the work of a maintenance agent in difficult environments, etc.. Dangerous tasks will not be problematic, such as its methane sensor, which is able to detect a gas leak in a building.

The Spot dog can move at a speed of 1.6 metres per second or nearly 6 km/h. Its autonomy is 90 minutes and the battery is interchangeable to increase its working time.

The Boston Dynamics Spot programming interface is open. Developers around the world can therefore contribute and create applications using the Autonomy Software Development Kit to exploit the robot’s capabilities and invent new functionalities.