Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air and Pro computer charger

You fell in love with a Xiaomi laptop. This Chinese manufacturer offers good quality products but sold at an unbeatable price. Whether it is for smartphones, electric scooters or vacuum cleaners that do better than the iRobot brand, Xiaomi is introducing its products in all areas of consumer electronics. Originally sold exclusively in China from the Gearbest or Banggood stores, the Xiaomi brand is starting to set up physical and virtual stores with stock in France and Europe.

Also present in the laptop market, Xiaomi has chosen to compete with Apple’s Macbook Air with a resolutely high-end product. This is how the Mi Notebook Air is an Ultrabook equipped with an Intel i5 8250U processor, 8GB of memory and an Intel i5 8250U processor. RAM DDR4, of a SSD 256GB and a 13.3-inch resolution screen FullHD 1920 x 1080 pixels, with a Windows 10 license. All this for the purpose of less than 700€ delivered in France, Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg or Canada.

It’s 1350€ in the same configuration at Apple for a 13 inch MacBook Air with SSD 250GB. However, it will have to be done with a keyboard QWERTY which is not the norm in France, Belgium or Switzerland. However, there are some stickers to convert a qwerty keyboard to azerty .

Another disadvantage reported by users, the power supply charger for Xiaomi Mi Air and Pro ultrabook laptops is not the best in the world . If an adapter EU is delivered with the machine, Xiaomi France recommends to buy a small charger separately to benefit from a fast charge and a better quality product adapted to the French electricity grid.

This is not an excessive expense since the price of such a transformer box only costs about thirty euros, whether in 30W for the Notebook Air or in 60W for the Pro model. Also, it allows to have a backup power adapter in case of failure or loss of the first one.

Mains charger for Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air

Xiaomi France advises to buy a PowerPort Anker charger USB Type-C which offers 4 ports USB standards and 1 port USB -C compatible PowerIQ . Price about 30€ on Amazon and compatible with Prime.

Buy the Anker charger USB -C for Xiaomi Notebook Air

Anker is a reliable brand, known to compulsive buyers on Amazon, that offers a range of quality products at a reduced price. Power Delivery USB -C allows you to recharge a computer Xiaomi Notebook Air but also a Macbook, a Chromebook Pixel or any other laptop in USB Type-C at its maximum power (30W). The Power IQ develops 2.4A and the port USB -PowerDelivery will recharge the iPhone in such a record time while preserving the health of the battery.

Anker mains charger USB  30W

This product is not recommended for Mi NotebookPro, see below.

Mains charger for Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro

The Pro model of Xiaomi laptops requires a larger 65W charger. Thus, Xiaomi France recommends a different type of charger than the one delivered by Gearbest or other Chinese reseller for the computer Mi Notebook Pro , a Choetech which costs a little over 30€.

Buy a charger CHOETECH USB -C 72W for Xiaomi Notebook Pro

Here, the Power Delivery rises to 60W on the port USB -C, enough to recharge an Apple Macbook Pro or a Dell XPS . The other three ports USB will charge phones, connected objects, etc.

Cheotech Netzteil USB  60W

Natürlich, wer die meisten tun kann, kann dies am wenigsten tun, indem er das Choetech-Modell für Mi Pro kauft, können Sie auch eine Mi Air aufladen, die weniger Watt am Port benötigt. USB -C.