Welcome to the wonderful world of 3D at Microsoft

Remix 3D is a new platform to share with the community and download 3D models. To look to the future of 3D, virtual reality and augmented reality, Microsoft is evolving its tools (as Paint became Paint3D ) and now offers a 3D file portal.

An environment presented by this advertisement where we discover a little girl transported into an imaginary world in space. Caring characters appear, creations of Remix 3D users that can be freely downloaded to your personal or professional computer.

Microsoft Remix 3D is open to everyone. A simple Microsoft account ( Outlook.com , Hotmail ) is required to send or download a 3D file (via Xbox Live). A Windows 10 application is available for faster access. Then, the Microsoft 3D Builder application allows you to use these 3D models to manufacture them on a 3D printer connected to the computer or Windows tablet.

Technically, technically, Remix3D .com supports the formats STL 3MF and FBX . Once sent, the file can be retouched by filters to change its appearance and adjust its positioning.

The Microsoft Windows Remix 3D file library is available on this website .