iOS 11 and 12: Wifi and Bluetooth turn themselves on

Bug or feature? We can ask ourselves the question by being surprised that Apple should ask us trunk about it. The iOS11 update has recently been released for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch with a new control center for the mobile device. And it’s the same with iOS 12 released in the fall of 2018.

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The iOS 10 control center on the left and iOS 11 on the right :

centre controle iOS10 iOS11

Indeed, when you turn off Wifi and/or Bluetooth from the iOS11 Control Center, both chips actually remain active in the background. This can be verified by going to Settings, each function is indicated “not connected” instead of “no” as if it were correctly disabled.

tutoriel iOS iPhone iPad wifi bluetooth

With iOS 10 and earlier, disabling wifi or Bluetooth through the Control Center was simply a way to disable the chips. This way, you isolate yourself from the networks and save a little battery. But Apple has decided otherwise with iOS11, which is confirmed by the official support documentation .

Wifi and Bluetooth are active every morning when you wake up

In practical terms, disabling Wifi or Bluetooth by the Control Center will put the functions in standby and disconnect the current connections, but Wifi and Bluetooth will be reactivated:

  • if Wi-Fi or Bluetooth is manually reactivated by the Control Centre
  • if you connect the device from the Settings
  • if you move to a new location (geolocation)
  • if you restart the iPhone or iPad
  • if it is 5:00 a. m., local time

It is this last subtlety that is the strangest. Why 5:00 in the morning? Why automatically reactivate the wireless network and Blutooth chips?

Apple declares that from iOS11 onwards (iOS12, for example), the Wifi and BT are always available to access AirDrop, AirPlay, Apple Pencil, Apple Watch, Handoff and Instant Hotspot. Functions internal to the iOS operating system and therefore not relevant to third-party applications that would use these network connections (for example, the Sonos or Marantz application that will manage your connected speakers).

Here’s how to completely disable Wifi and Bluetooth

To completely disable the Wifi and Bluetooth network chips, you do not have to go through the new iOS Control Center.

1. Open the Adjustments .

2. Go to the Wi-Fi or in Bluetooth .

3. Disable the function by pressing the switch button.

tutoriel iOS iPhone iPad wifi bluetooth

4. Thus, the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth functions are now well deactivated and will not automatically wake up at 5am.

tutoriel iOS iPhone iPad wifi bluetooth

We can say that there are now 3 modes for Wifi and Bluetooth network chips in the Control Center: activated (in blue), momentarily disabled (in the middle) or completely disabled (crossed out symbol) :

tutoriel iOS centre controle wifi bluetooth icone activer desactiver