Windows 10: uninstall a program as before

Windows 10 has introduced a new way to uninstall a program but you could still access the old version by right-clicking on the Start menu. The Creators Update 1703 version still modifies the method and it becomes difficult to find the old interface, as on Windows 7 for example.

This tutorial has been created with Windows 10 Creators Update the update released in April 2017. The procedure is essentially the same with previous versions and identical for updates after 2017.

Go to “Programs and Features” on Windows 10

1. Open the start menu and click on the gearwheel of the Parameters .

tutoriel Windows 10 menu demarrer Parametres Panneau de configuration

2. Click on”.  Applications  » :

tutoriel Windows 10 Paramètres Applications

3. We arrive in ”  Applications and features  “but this minimalist interface does not offer all the options of the past.

4. At the top right, locate the “group”.  Associated parameters  “and click on”  Programs and features  » :

tutoriel Windows 10 Programmes et fonctionnalités

5. This is how we find the old interface to uninstall a program, as on the famous Windows 7.

Note: To access this window more quickly, you can execute the command appwiz.cpl