Which software uses the most battery on a PC?

A computer battery that doesn’t keep its promises? Often, it is simply a matter of perception. We think we only use the machine for 2 or 3 hours when we’ve been hanging out on Facebook, League of Legends, corporate accounting or simply Google for 4, 5 or 6 hours already. But all this has an energy cost for the computer. The battery work of the PC is not based on the time spent but on the performance required by the different software and games.

A 3D application will logically consume more energy than a spreadsheet Microsoft Excel . This tutorial shows how to display the applications that consume the most battery power from a computer . It is a very simple and reliable way to monitor the autonomy of your sound. PC running on Windows 10.

Of course, it works on a laptop or other Windows 10 device with a battery. The PC are logically not concerned, even if the energy consumption information would be interesting to know. The Windows 10 smartphones are also not concerned by this tutorial since this is the desktop version of Microsoft’s operating system.

See the most battery-consuming programs on a computer

1. Open the start menu and click on the Parameters of Windows.

tutoriel Windows 10 menu demarrer Parametres Panneau de configuration

2. Click on the icon System .

Windows 10 parametres Systeme

3. In the left menu, choose Battery pack .

Windows 10 parametres Systeme Batterie

4. In the centre of the screen, click on “.  See applications that have an impact on battery life  » :

Windows 10 parametres Systeme Batterie

Depending on the Windows versions, this function may also be called “See what applications affect the life of your battery”.

5. A list of programs is displayed. They are classified from the most consumer to the least gourmet , over the last 24 hours of computer use.

tutoriel Windows 10 Batterie consommation énergie

6. It is possible to change the monitoring period: the last 6 hours, 24 hours or 1 week.

tutoriel Windows 10 Batterie consommation énergie

It is therefore interesting to read this information when it is found that the PC quickly empties, realize that a video game will kill the laptop’s autonomy in a few tens of minutes, or even that writing pages on a standard word processor Word does not consume much energy compared to video playback YouTube or on Netflix .