Update the Bios of a Dell computer

When we talk about security updates, we are obviously thinking about the patches to be applied to operating systems. Then, we also have a thought for applications that also require upgrades to protect against a vulnerability or a risk of attack. But we think less of the computer’s Bios, a basic but not infallible element of any computer, All computer and motherboard manufacturers make updates available for their Bios.

More or less easy to install, the American Dell does things right by offering an affordable solution for Windows users, and an alternative for those who prefer Linux or other operating systems.

If each computer has a unique serial number (the Service TAG de Dell), Bios are made by range and series of computers. We can therefore use the same file to MAJ a fleet of Dell machines that are of the same generation. This tutorial gives you two methods to update the Bios of a Dell computer whether it is fixed or portable .

This tutorial was created on an Optiplex 7020 and a Latitude 5490 but other Dell computers, desktop and laptop, are compatible. These are the Optiplex, Precision, Vostro, Latitude, Inspiron ranges, XPS … PowerEdge servers will update their firmware by the Dell Lifecycle Controller (locally) or by the Dell Remote Access Controller (iDRAC) remotely. See also what tutorial for Dell Server Bios .

For information, and unless otherwise indicated, it is not necessary to download each higher version of the Bios / UEFI current. Taking the latest version available will fix all problems that have been encountered since the first firmware edition.

Bios update from Windows

This is the easiest way to update a Dell Machine Bios but it requires using a OS Windows, whatever it is.

1. Go to the site Dell Support to download drivers and drivers.

2. Enter the serial number ( TAG ) to identify the machine.

3. In the Drivers and Downloads tab, find the line with the term “Drivers and Downloads  BIOS  » :

Dell Bios update

4. Click on Download or Download to obtain the executable file of the latest version of the Bios.

5. Double click on this.exe file and confirm the update of the Bios. It will be necessary to connect the AC adapter and have the battery active for a laptop and especially not to cut off the power supply to the fixed computer.

Bios update from a key USB bootable or with Linux

When a Linux distribution is installed (Ubuntu, Fedora or other), or no operating system, it is still possible to update the Bios of a Dell computer.

1. Format a key USB in the format FAT32 from a Windows workstation (right click on the player, Format and choose the FAT32 format). This is important because the system will not recognize a key NTFS .

2. Copy the.exe file of the Bios update, downloaded from the Dell Support website according to the TAG of the machine.

3. Connect the key USB in the computer to be updated (rather a port USB 2.0 if there is a choice).

4. Start the PC Dell and press the key regularly F12 on the keyboard when the large Dell logo appears in white on a black background, until “Dell logo” appears  Preparing one time boot menu  “in yellow, at the top right of the screen.

5. When you reach the choice of the boot device, scroll down with the arrows on the keypad to”.  BIOS Flash Update  “and validate with Entry .

tutoriel mise à jour bios dell

6. The minimalist interface displays information about the current version of the Bios and the computer model. Click on the ” button  […]  “to indicate the key path USB and the file of MAJ of Bios .

tutoriel mise à jour bios dell

Dell Bios Update tutorial

7. A brief summary shows the version of the new Bios (BIOS Update Information) and the current version (BI SystemOS Information). We also see the Dell computer model, here an Optiplex 7020.

8. Click on”.  Begin Flash Update  “to start the operation. Do not disconnect the power plug from the music center, do not disconnect the power cord from a laptop computer, or remove the battery during this operation. The battery is essential to perform this operation on a laptop or a 2in1.

Dell Bios Update tuto

9. Confirm with Yes to the question “Do you want to proceed? » :

Dell Bios Update tutorial

10. After a few moments, the computer restarts by itself. The Bios has been updated. This can be checked by pressing F12 again to access the Boot menu, where the Bios version will be indicated at the bottom of the screen.