Surface: Install the applications on the SD card

As we already mentioned in the first part of the test on the Surface tablet, Windows RT seems to be quite open about changing the system (except of course to put our own programs).

Thus it is possible to perform the same manipulation as in our article “Change Windows 8 application directory” .

As with the modification under Windows 8, it is not validated by Microsoft so you may have to restore your system or simply do the reverse to restore the “initial” WindowsApps folder.

First step: copy the data

Via Windows Explorer (key Windows + E ) / (Windows key, Search, “Explorer”).

It is necessary to Copy the “directory”.  C:\Program Files\WindowsApps  “at the location you want to use.



Windows RT


Step 2: Regedit, Windows registry editing

You must access the Windows registry, (key Windows , then type directly regedit and confirm with the key Entry ), then place yourself in the key ”  HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Appx « .

change apps directory regedit

Once at the location, right-click on”.  Appx « . In the context menu”.  Authorization  “allows you to change the rights:

change apps directory regedit

change apps directory regedit

change apps directory regedit

It is necessary to replace it owner current through either your account (ex “Alex”), either the account Director of the Board of Directors .

change apps directory regedit

You must change your rights by tilting them into”  Total control  “instead of”  Reading  » .

All that remains is to modify the ” key “.  PackageRoot  “by the new directory ( example: D:\Program Files\WindowsApps).

You can restore the rights by Reading instead of Total control (optional).

Last step: restart Windows

To test we installed a new application, then checked that it appeared in the new directory:


There is no reason why the manipulation should work for the “c” disk and not on the card SD (the test was performed on another folder on the “C” disk with no card SD available during the test).