Retrieve files from a damaged or unrecognized USB key

Corruption of a key USB can lead to problems of inaccessibility and illegibility. When the flash disk becomes unreadable, you must first determine whether it is a physical problem or a software problem because the resolution is different.

How to recover important files from removable storage, knowing that they do not open at all? There is nothing planned in Windows for this and it will be necessary to use third-party data recovery software if the flash drive is affected by software corruption. Physical corruption problems are much more complex to deal with and data recovery software rarely works in these situations. In this case, you will need to ask for help from a data recovery service (several hundred euros).

In the first situation, the least unfortunate, a good data recovery software will certainly be able to recover the damaged files.

How to identify the corruption problem USB  ?

You can try to determine the severity of the key corruption USB by observing symptoms and using disk verification tools to detect errors.

Symptoms suggesting software corruption

Generally, this is the registration of MBR (Master Boot Record), PBR (Partition Boot Record) or the directory structure that accompanies error messages. In this case:

  • Windows indicates that the disk is not formatted
  • The reader appears as”. RAW  “with a file system RAW which is not valid
  • Flash drive partition is missing, indicating that the space is “unallocated”.
  • Windows indicates that the drive is not accessible, that the file or directory is corrupted or unreadable

Symptoms suggesting physical corruption

Some physical corruption problems are caused by broken rods and connectors in the key USB defective discs, broken circuits or doors NAND etc.). In this case:

  • The light of the key USB starts flashing
  • The disc makes unpleasant swirling noises (clack, clack, clack…)

How to recover files from a key USB damaged in a software way

Before repairing the flash drive USB corrupted, unreadable or unresponsive, it is strongly recommended to start by backing up all your data on the drive USB … if this is still possible for some files. Unfortunately, most users do not regularly create backups before they are no longer accessible, so it is “too late” to recover these lost files. But we will try to find a solution with data recovery software.

From the moment you can’t open an unreadable flash drive, the only way to recover data on a key USB is to use file recovery software USB professional. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard allows data recovery in most common scenarios, for example, in case of corrupted storage, which has become RAW formatted or even in case of complete deletion of a disk partition. The steps are simple: download, install and follow the guide to recover files from a removable disk that Windows cannot read.

Use the EaseUS Data Recovery to recover files

1. Connect the key USB on the computer.

2. Open the data recovery software EaseUS and analyze the flash drive affected by the failure.

3. Launch EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard and select your key USB in the category External devices .

4. Click on Analyze to start searching for files

tutorial EaseUS  data recovery

5. Check and preview the data found on the flash drive. You can double-click to get an overview of the files that have been found.

  • Deleted files: list the deleted files
  • Drive: downloads all found data
  • Lost partition files: checks if it is a recovery on a formatted partition
  • Additional files: files that have lost their name or path
  • Filter: a quick way to find the files you are looking for
  • Search: to find by file name or file extension

tutorial EaseUS  Free Data Recovery Pro

6. Restore the flash drive data: after finding and checking the lost files, select these files and click on Recovering to start the maintenance operation.

tutorial EaseUS  Free Data Recovery Pro

7. Save the files found in a secure location directly to the computer’s internal hard drive (especially not on the key USB damaged).

8. Once the operation is successfully completed, it is time to discard / recycle this key USB that no longer works properly!

Promotion: 50% discount on EaseUS Pro

The software used in this tutorial is the Professional version (the most complete) of EaseUS Data Recovery. This utility exists for Windows and Mac and benefit here from a 50% discount on the public price, i.e. 50,96€ TTC instead of 101,94€.

– 50% on Data Recovery Wizard Pro (Windows)

– 50% on Data Recovery Wizard Pro (macOS)

Secure payment can be made by credit card, bank transfer, PayPal or Sofort .

Supported system file: FAT (FAT 12, FAT 16, FAT 32), exFAT , NTFS , ext2, ext3, HFS +, ReFS (Mac).

Supported storage devices: mechanical hard disk (HDD ), disc SSD map, map SD/CF , key USB volume, volume RAID .

The free version of EaseUS Recovery is limited to the recovery of 2GB of data. This is already a correct solution for some very important files on a broken key.