Export Orange webmail contacts

You use Orange webmail to write and receive messages. You have cancelled your Internet subscription ADSL or fibre and Orange informs you that the mailbox will be closed in six months. You used Orange messaging regularly from their portal site but you prefer to use software such as Outlook or Thunderbird. You have created a Gmail account and you want to forward Orange contacts to Google’s email. You would like to have a backup of the Orange directory.

You have another reason to want to export contacts from the Orange webmail address book here is the tutorial to do this operation.

Orange.fr Webmail : export of the address book

1. Open an internet browser and connect to the Orange messaging system: https://messagerie.orange.fr/mail.html

2. Click on”.  My contacts  “in the menu above the received messages:

webmail Orange tutoriel contacts

3. In the “Contacts” Orange, click on “Contact  Other functions  “and” and”  Exporting  » :

webmail Orange tutoriel exporter contacts

4. Choose the desired export format:

  • Orange (csv) obtain a type file: obtain a type file Excel with all information in raw format
  • Microsoft Outlook (csv) to have a file CSV software compatible Outlook
  • Thunderbird (ldif) Export contacts for the software: export contacts for the software Mozilla Thunderbird
  • VCard (vcf) Save as many contact files as possible VCF as many contacts in the directory

webmail Orange tutoriel exporter contacts

5. Then click on”.  Exporting  “to download the file to the computer. All that remains is to copy the resulting file to an external hard drive for backup, or directly use this file to import all contacts into an email program on Gmail, Hotmail etc.).