Delete a Slack account

The Slack instant messaging tool may be the first software of its kind in the world, but its use may not be appropriate, may be contrary to the rules in force in your company or may have been replaced by Microsoft Teams . Rather than letting the Slack account die, it is possible and recommended to delete this account . That is, disable it so that it no longer exists in Slack’s directory. This tutorial explains how to completely disable a Slack account .

This will leave all workspaces and any conversations already exchanged will be lost.

If you no longer need your account Slack for a particular workspace or for all connected workspaces, this method explains how to get rid of it. It is not possible to delete your account for all the workspaces at once, you will have to get rid of it for each one, one after the other. The same manipulation to be done several times if you are part of several working groups, different organizations or companies.

Close a Slack account

1. Open the software Slack .

2. Click on the name of the workspace then on “.  Profile and account  » :

Slack espace de travail

3. Click on the ” button  three balls  “to open a menu and choose”  Account Settings  » :

Slack espace de travail compte

4. This opens a web browser window (you can also access it via https:// nomworkspace

5. There, click on the ” button  Disable your account  “to leave this workspace.

Slack supprimer compte

6. Confirm the password of the Slack account.

7. Confirm the deactivation of the account by pressing the red button “.  Yes, deactivate my account  “on the confirmation screen.

Slack desactiver compte

8. Two confirmations are better than one, you still need tick off «  Yes, I would like to deactivate my account  “and click on the red button”  Disable my account  » :

Slack supprimer compte

9. Finally, the account was deactivated, so deleted. The Slack software has been disconnected from this working group. We can reach him again if necessary.

Also disable the user account from other workstations and/or simply uninstall the Slack application after the operation is complete.