Change the Windows 8 application directory

By defect the file of the applications Windows 8 ” Windows  Modern UI  “(ex Metro) are on the partition where Windows 8 is installed (example:”  c:\Program Files\WindowsApps « ).

For the users using hard disks SSD and having a large secondary disk, it can become very fast disturbing .

I suggest two ways to do this options :

  • A automated via a micro-application carried out by W8F .
  • A manual via a tutorial .

Automatic method

Link to the article on “ W8F – Fix WindowsApps Directory


Manual method

First step: copy the data

Via Windows Explorer (key Windows + E ), copy the “directory”.  C:\Program Files\WindowsApps  “in the directory you want to use.

Step 2: Editing the Windows registry

In the Windows registry, (key Windows , then type directly regedit and confirm with the key Entry ), go to the key ”  HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Appx « .

change apps directory regedit

Right-click on”.  Appx « then”, then”   Authorization  “allows you to change the rights:

change apps directory regedit

change apps directory regedit

change apps directory regedit

You must replace it owner current through either your account (ex “Alex”), either the account Director of the Board of Directors .

change apps directory regedit

Once the account is replaced, you must change your rights by passing them on to ”  Total control  “instead of”  Reading « .

All that remains is to modify the value of ”  PackageRoot  “by the new location ( for example: E:\Program Files\WindowsApps).

You can restore the rights by Reading instead of Total control .

Last step: restart Windows

It is surprising that Microsoft did not propose by default to change the directory of “WindowsApps”. A future update may allow the directory to be replaced without having to go through unofficial software / tutorials.