Windows 10: take a screenshot

This guide explains how to take a screenshot on a computer running Windows 10 This means taking a kind of “picture” of the screen to, for example, share an error message that appears. The English name has become common in computer language: screenshot .

A simple combination of keys allows you to create an image of the screen: Windows + key IMPR ECRAN .

All keyboards are equipped with a “Print screen” (azerty keyboard) or “Print screen” (qwerty) key. This key to the right of the function keys (F11, F12) will take a picture of the screen and save it in the Windows image library.

1. Press the Windows key simultaneously (Microsoft logo), located between CTRL and ALT to the left of the keyboard, and the Print Screen key .

touche Windows clavier azerty raccourci keyboard

touche impr ecran clavier azerty screenshot imprim ecran

On laptop keyboards If you press the Print Screen key, the screen print key may be a different color than the other keys on the keyboard. Thus, it will be necessary to use the Fn (Function) key in addition to the other two: press the Windows + Fn + Print screen key combination .

2. A screenshot is successful when the screen flashes This means that the display fades briefly.

3. Open the File Explorer Windows and go to the library Images . A “dossier”.  Screenshots  “has been created with the screenshots automatically saved.

tutoriel outil capture écran Windows 10

4. The images are all saved in this folder and are named in chronological order: Screenshot (1), Screenshot (2), etc.

tutoriel outil capture écran Windows 10

5. Just send an image by email or upload it to the WindowsFriendly forum to get help on a problem encountered.

Windows 10 Screenshot Tool

Windows 10 offers a small free software to take screenshots.

1. Open the start menu , unroll Windows accessories and open up Screenshot Tool .

tutoriel outil capture écran Windows 10

tutoriel outil capture écran Windows 10

2. Click on the ” button  Mode  “to change the type of shooting: Capture Free form , rectangular , Window (the program open in the foreground) or Full screen (the full screen).

tutoriel outil capture écran Windows 10

3. Click on”.  New  “to capture the screen as it is displayed, knowing that the Screen Capture Tool program will disappear from the image.

4. The screenshot obtained can be modified before being saved on the computer or sent by e-mail.

tutoriel outil capture écran Windows 10

Screenshot by a keyboard shortcut

A simple keyboard shortcut can also be used to save the screenshot to third-party software. With a simple Print Screen Windows will save a view of the screen and copy it to the clipboard. Then simply open Word, Paint or another software to Glue the captured image.

By doing ALT + IMPR ECRAN , only the active window (the program opened in the foreground) will be captured and pasted. This avoids showing your taskbar or other software that is in use (downloading Torrent, specific website, etc.).