Windows 10: change the profile photo (avatar)

When starting a computer or tablet running Windows 10, an image appears above your last name / first name / username. Whether it represents a man or a personal photo, this tutorial explains how to replace the image of opening an account under Windows 10 . This photo is an avatar like some of the ones found on the discussion forums, an image that can be customized with a few clicks.

In the event that the Windows session is linked to a Microsoft account, i.e. you use an email address to connect to Windows 10, the avatar change will be reflected on all other devices connected to the same account. If you have two computers with the same configuration, the profile picture will automatically be updated on the other computer or tablet. The same on a Microsoft smartphone or Nokia Lumia in Windows 10 Mobile which will also receive the new avatar.

Note: The Windows avatar cannot be modified on a computer whose Windows 10 operating system has not been previously activated by a product key.

Modify the avatar of a Windows 10 session

1. Open the start menu and click on the gearwheel of the Parameters .

tutoriel Windows 10 menu demarrer Parametres Panneau de configuration

2. Click on the”” icon  Accounts  » :

tutoriel Windows 10 Paramètres Comptes

3. In the “Your information” menu, you will see the profile of the session currently open on the computer.

4. Find ” Create your avatar ” and click ”  Search for a value  “to load an image.

tutoriel Windows 10 avatar photo image session profil

5. Select a photo or image to define a new Windows avatar. Rather basic, the wizard does not propose to crop the image which will be a disk centered in the middle of the source image. It will be necessary to use drawing or retouching software, such as Paint or Adobe Photoshop Express (free on Windows Store) to resize, crop and center the desired photo.

6. The new image has become an avatar of the Windows profile.

tutoriel Windows 10 avatar photo image session profil

7. The next time you restart or wake up, the photo will be displayed in the center of the screen for entering the Windows password.