Windows 10: change the date and time of the computer

Normally, Windows 10 computers connected to the Internet automatically set themselves to the date and time of the time zone in which they are located. But sometimes this does not work properly, for example when unpacking a machine that has been purchased and assembled in another country (in Asia, most certainly). And what about the PC who do not have an Internet connection, even if they are very few in number. This tutorial explains how to set the date and time of a Windows 10 computer .

All versions of Windows 10 are compatible with this procedure, the various updates do not change the method of setting the time and day. The same is true between the Family and Professional editions of the Microsoft operating system.

Configure time and date of a PC Windows 10

1. Make a right click on the time displayed at the bottom right of the screen and select ”  Adjust the date/time  » :

tutoriel modifier date heure Windows 10

2. In the Parameters screen that opens, you can disable / reactivate the automatic setting for an internet search of the time zone + atomic clock.

3. To set a date and time by hand, uncheck the “Set time automatically” line to be able to click on the” button  Modify  “of”  Change the date and time  » :

4. Set the date and time and validate by clicking on the button “.  Modify  “to take into account this change.

5. The time and date are no longer updated via the Internet, until the option “Set time automatically” (also the date) is reactivated.