Shutdown a Windows 10 computer

For some, this is obvious, but for others it is a question. When you start using computers, using a computer is not necessarily intuitive and in particular some basic functions such as stopping the machine. Everyone knows that for a microwave oven or television to be turned on and off at the touch of a button, it’s not that simple with a computer.

The process of switching on the machine is done by pressing a physical button on the front of a tower (PC fixed) or near the keyboard (laptop), or even on the back of the screen (all-in-one computer, the PC with integrated display). Then, a few moments of patience are enough to get to the Windows (Desktop), Mac or Linux working environment. But it is not recommended to do the same to shut down the station.

Indeed, depending on the configurations and versions of the operating system, pressing the power button will suddenly turn off the PC and may cause damage (Windows that no longer starts, for example). There is an official procedure to shut down Windows.

This tutorial simply explains how to properly shut down a computer running Windows 10 whether it is fixed, portable or fully integrated into the screen. A guide for beginner users who are taking their first steps with a PC under Windows 10.

Cleanly switch off a PC with Windows 10

1. Close all open programs (internet, Word, games…).

2. Click on the Start menu button (4 square icon, the Windows10 logo), at the very bottom left of the screen .

bouton power icone logo 3. Click on the symbol”.  power power  “(the same as on all electronic and electrical devices worldwide).

4. Finally, click on”.  Stop  “to properly shut down the computer, without error.

tutoriel Windows 10 arreter ordinateur W10 shutdown halt

5. The display, printer and/or power strip switch can now be safely switched off.


Do not hold the button down for several seconds as this may cause the computer’s power supply to be cut off abruptly. Very effective in stopping a PC If this is not done, it will cause Windows stability problems, until there is a risk that the system will not boot at all and display an incomprehensible error.

If an update message is displayed on a blue screen, do not force the computer to turn off by turning off the power (power strip) or disconnecting the power cable at the back of the fixed computer.

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