First start of an Amazon Kindle reading light

You have been offered a reading light for your birthday or Christmas, a tablet Amazon Kindle , Paperwhite or Oasis ? You have taken the step of digital after years of struggle to continue reading novels in real paper and pretending that it’s much better? Your eyesight drops and the digital tablet is essential to continue to escape into a book because even the paperback format is written too small? Do you often travel or like to read on public transport (metro, bus, train)?

For all these reasons and more, here is how start with a Kindle tablet and discover the menus that appear on the screen .

This guide assumes that the tablet is already configured with an Amazon account that is configured with a payment card to make purchases “in one click” and thus avoid having to enter credit card information for each purchase.

Also, the Kindle reader must be connected to a wifi internet network for its configuration and to buy a book. Then, it will not be necessary to have a wifi connection to read the book. Internet connection is only required to add a new digital book on the Kindle.

Kindle Home Screen Menu Bar

Presentation of the icon buttons on the horizontal bar at the top of the Kindle touch pad screen.

tutoriel mode emploi guide notice Amazon Kindle liseuse tablette

  • Icon on the left that looks like a home : back to the start page the reception of the Kindle
  • Left arrow : go back to the previous page
  • Gear wheel display: display the Kindle settings (adjust the screen lighting, disable wifi…)
  • «  g  “: access the network Goodreads to have reading recommendations
  • Shopping cart «  shop  » : go to the shop online and buy digital books
  • Magnifier : research a title, an author, etc.
  • «  three balls  “: access to the Kindle options

Buy a Kindle book

The Kindle tablet is delivered empty, no books are offered with the device, except a short user guide. To add a book on the Amazon reading light, press the”” button with your finger.  Boutique  “with the icon in the shape of a supermarket trolley and then let yourself be guided. You can use the recommendations or simply search for a book by title, author or reference ISBN (the barcode number) to select it and validate the purchase .

After the payment, the download is immediate and the book is accessible in a few seconds .

The Amazon store also offers a few free books to (re)discover classics or unknown authors. It also allows you to try your tablet without buying a book or before you have configured a payment card.

There is another possibility to buy a Kindle book, much more practical and enjoyable. It is simply a matter of connecting to the site from a computer and buying one or more Kindle books from there. PC .

Menu bar when reading a book

After buying a first book, simply press the cover of the novel or comic book with your finger to start reading. Other icons appear at the top of the screen.

tutoriel mode emploi guide notice Amazon Kindle liseuse tablette

  • «  Go to  “: to move forward or backward in the book, by chapter or page number
  • «  Aaa  » : configure text size and the font (the style of writing)
  • «  three bound balls  » : share your opinion on the novel
  • «  brand page  » : add a bookmark or note at a place in the book