Find the exact version of Windows 10

1703, 1709, 1803, 1809… These incomprehensible numbers appear everywhere on the Internet as soon as we talk about Windows 10. And if you ask a question about a computer support forum the first answer from a member returns another question: what is your version of Windows10? To understand and get out of it, here’s a little history of the different versions of Windows and a simple procedure to find this information .

How to find my version of Windows 10

Each version of W10 corresponds to a big update, of the type that can take several hours to install on a computer. To get a precise idea of which version is installed on the machine, desktop or laptop computer and even Microsoft Surface tablet, a few clicks are enough.

1. Make a right click on the Start button at the bottom left of the screen and choose System .

tutoriel Windows 10 menu demarrer systeme

2. We arrive on a blank page with the words “System information” written on it: go down this page to get to the part “System information  Windows Specifications  ” and thus find the installed version of Windows 10 :

version Windows 10 Famille 1809 W10

version Windows 10 Entreprise 1709 W10 Pro

  • Edition Windows 10 Family, Pro, Enterprise…
  • Version : this is the important information to note (1709, 1803…)
  • Installed on date of installation of the last major update
  • Operating system version unnecessary information unless you are asked to specify the build of Windows 10

Windows 10 Version History

If before, the versions of Windows were called Windows XP Vista, 7, 8 and now 10, the last of the Microsoft systems keeps its number through the years. However, every six months a major (important) update is released that changes the version number of Windows 10.

A rhythm of a new version per semester, named with the first two digits for the year and the last two for the month. Example 1803 = year 18 (2018) and month 03 (March), knowing that the release is always the following month (April 2018). It’s almost simple!