Install Oracle 19c

Oracle Database is a relational database management system (SGBDR ) whose nomenclature has changed since 2018. Every year, the publisher will release a major version and that’s how the 19c is the current version in 2019, and a little later. Installing Oracle is not as easy as SQL Server but this tutorial explains, step by step, how to install an Oracle Database 19c server on Windows Server .

Software requirements are: Windows Server 2012 R2, 2016 or 2019 operating system (all editions), Windows 8.1 and 10 Pro in x64 and Pro, Enterprise or Education editions. Note that Windows Server Core is not supported. Oracle Virtualization VM Server and Microsoft Hyper-V are Oracle certified, but not VM ware. This does not prevent an Oracle Database server from running on this main hypervisor.

To connect to an Oracle 19c, you must have at least an Oracle Database Client version (or higher).

Installing Oracle Database 19c

1. Extract the content of and open the setup.exe (right click, Run as Administrator if the logged in user is not in the Local Admin group).

2. The configuration option to choose is””.  Create and configure a single instance database  ” (for a RAC Oracle, you must check the second option):

tutorial install Oracle 19c Database SGBD

3. Select the”.  Server class « 

4. Type ” Type  Advanced installation  “to configure and check certain options.

5. The edition of Oracle Database 19c to be installed depends on the license: Enterprise Edition or Standard Edition 2 .

6. The Directory User Name is used to define the rights of the account that will start Windows services related to Oracle. You can choose to create a dedicated virtual account, use an existing Windows user account, create a new account or use an integrated Windows account. Choose a ”  Existing Windows user  “and fill in the information for a domain account, or request to use a Virtual Account (NT SERVICE ).

tutoriel installer serveur Oracle 12 12c

7. Define the installation path Oracle files for binaries, configuration, tablespaces, logs, etc.

tutorial install Oracle 19c Database SGBD

8. The type of configuration depends on the use that will be made of the SGBD Oracle. The most common is for the”  General use / Transaction processing  “while the Data Warehouse is linked to a specific use (Business intelligence, for example).

tutoriel installer Oracle 19c Database

9. Enter the identifier information to access the BDD : Global name of the database and SID Oracle .

tutoriel installer Oracle 19c Database

10. The configuration options are used to manage the memory allocated to Oracle (SGA and PGA ). First of all, it is necessary to deduce the RAM used by the operating system (subtract 1GB for an old Windows Server and 2GB for WS 2016 and 2019). Then, define the amount of RAM that Oracle will be able to use. This is particularly important to leave good performance to the SGBD but without impacting other software and processing that may run on this server.

Leave the option”.  Enable automatic memory management  “checked.

In the following tab, you can choose the character set (AL32UTF8, WE8MSWIN1252, or other).

11. We had previously configured the installation directory of the Oracle software, it is now possible to specify another location (other disk) to store the database files (tablespace). By default this folder is oraclehomeoradata

12. The Oracle 19c Installation Wizard offers to manage this new server with an Oracle 12c management tool, Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Cloud Control. If this is the case, enter the connection information to OMS otherwise leave unchecked.

13. Enable or disable the recovery of the BDD by defining a recovery area, either by a specific folder or by Oracle Automatic Storage Management.

14. Here is the step for access passwords for default system accounts: SYS , SYS TEM and PDBADMIN . You can simplify things by setting a unique password for these system accounts.

15. Checking the prerequisites and the modified configuration. On this screen, you can still change some parameters. Click on”.  Install  “to start the implementation of the Oracle 19c server. The 42% configuration step can take a while, not to worry and wait.

tuto telecharger installer Oracle 19 19c

16. When the Oracle Database configuration operation was successful, theURL of Oracle Enterprise Manager Database Express is indicated: https://nomserveur.domaine.local:5500/em

Of course, we can use SQL Developer or other management tool to access the Oracle server, its users, databases, etc.