Dropbox Business: assign an account to another person

Companies using Dropbox Business, in its Standard, Advanced or Enterprise editions, must manage files with the web administration interface provided by Dropbox. In the case of a colleague leaving or being replaced by a new employee, the account of the former user will have to be deleted in order to assign a license to the new employee. So we’re going to transfer the rights of a Dropbox account to another user of the cloud storage service.

For example: Aline is part of the company and Brice will succeed her in the same position. We will transfer Aline’s account and documents to Brice’s account and documents, which will then retrieve all the documents and sharing authorizations Aline had.

Another example: Aline resigns but her position will not be replaced. We will therefore assign all his Dropbox files to his supervisor, Carlos, so that he can access the working documents Aline was using.

To carry out this transfer between several accounts, it is necessary to have a Dropbox Business contract since personal accounts do not manage several users.

Disable a Dropbox Business user account

1. Connect to the Dropbox Business administration interface: https://www.dropbox.com/team/admin

2. Open the list of Members of the Board .

3. Locate the user to delete, click on the toothed wheel and on ”  Delete the member  » :

tutoriel Dropbox Business Pro

4. A summary of the account is displayed. A remark may indicate that the person had merged their personal Dropbox account and their professional account. We also see the amount of space used by this member and the date since he uses Dropbox.

To the question ”  Would you like to transfer the contents of this member’s files to another team member?  “: answer”: answer”  Transfer now  “if the new user has already been created, or”  Transfer later  “in case you want to get a license first before creating a new account. In our example, we choose the second option because the first is very simple to follow.

tutoriel Dropbox Business Pro

5. To the question ”  Do you want to delete the content of this member’s devices the next time you log in?  “: answer”: answer”  Yes  “to delete all the content of the professional Dropbox on the devices that were connected to the box (this can be the pro computer but also its smartphone, a tablet, a PC perso). It is therefore a security to delete the content of the devices linked to this old user account.

tutoriel Dropbox Business Pro

6. Click on Continue .

7. A confirmation indicates that the user account will be deleted but the content will be accessible by the company (in other words, the Dropbox administrator).

tutoriel Dropbox Business Pro

8. Click on”.  Delete the account  “to confirm the operation.

Transfer Dropbox files to another user account

1. We now have an unallocated license that we will allocate to the new employee. Click on the “Invite members” button and send an invitation for the person to join the Dropbox Business group.

2. Once the account is created and activated, we will transfer the files of the previous user to it. In the list of Members of the Board of the administration console, use the menu on the right to access the Type of member «  Deleted  » :

tutoriel Dropbox Business Pro

3. Click on the toothed wheel of the former user and select”  File management  » :

tutoriel Dropbox Business Pro

4. What do you want to do with the files of the former user? «  Transfer them to another team member  “by specifying its name or its email address .

tutoriel Dropbox Business Pro

5. The transfer starts instantly and the Dropbox of the new account is enriched with the old files (imported into an “Aline’s files” folder) and the shared folders are copied from the old user.

However, it will be necessary to add the new account to the member groups because only files are transferred, not access to group shares.