Download and install Commvault

According to Wikipedia, Commvault is a publisher of data protection and information management software. For a computer scientist, it is a backup (and restoration) software. This tutorial explains how to download for free and install a Commvault Complete Backup & Recovery server to try this powerful local and cloud backup tool. Commvault takes into account data, databases, data and VM in hypervisor (VM ware, Hyper-V ) and supports disaster recovery plans.

Prerequisites OS Windows Server 2012, 2012 R2, 2016 and 2019 compatible only. No Linux supported. A Microsoft SQL Server will be installed during the operation.

Download and install a Commvault server

1. Open the downloaded setup file, for example CommvaultExpress_R80_SP16_SP16_12June19.exe and extract to the proposed folder.

tutoriel installer serveur Commvault

2. Accept the license agreement.

3. In this example, the software is installed on this server. Choose “Install packages on this computer” knowing that you can therefore deploy the packages on a remote computer if the installation is performed from a workstation.

4. The downloading of the required components is automatic, so you need internet access on the server.

5. By default, the installation wants to be done on the system disk, in the C:\Program Files\Commvault\ContentStore folder. The space required is 6.5GB.

tutoriel installer Commvault sauvegarde serveur

6. Other required utilities are downloaded (Python, SciPy, MongoDB , .NET Framework 3.5 , SQL Server Express, IIS ) and of course the Commvault software itself (CommServer. Workflow Engine, Web Server, CommCell Console, Command Center, This step is earlier and depends on the performance of the server as well as the Internet download speed.

7. A message indicates that the installation is complete. Two links are given:

  • https://serveurcommvault.domaine.local/adminconsole : Commvault administration console
  • to configure the HTTPS

tutoriel installer Commvault sauvegarde

The HTTPS is not yet configured, opening these pages may cause a warning message from the browser.

For added convenience, it is recommended to use an alternative browser to IE11, the default browser of Windows Server 2016 and even 2019. Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome are the best software to use Commvault and Javascript.

8. The web administration console is available. The first time you log in to the Console Admin requires you to create a new account or use an existing Commvault account. Using the information used to download the software and the activation code received by email is already an existing account at Commvault.

Commvault admin console