Windows 10 IoT Core on Raspberry Pi

More effective than a long text tutorial, this video proposed by Microsoft shows the possibilities of interaction between a Raspberry Pi 3 and Windows 10 IoT Core. The special “connected objects” edition of Windows is designed to animate light devices such as the RaspberryPi. The Internet of Things is within reach by staying in the Microsoft world and developers Visual Studio will be delighted with the news.

Thus, with very few resources, you can have fun in robotics, home automation or to control various sensors (thermometer, connected camera, rain gauge…). The Visual Studio Code software is free to use and a Raspi only costs a few tens of euros.

Windows 10 IoT Core is not just a classic Windows 10 with a sticker added. Combined with Windows 10 IoT Core Dashboard (IoT for Internet of Things), this dashboard will support you in the development for Raspberry Pi, Dragonboard, Minnowboard Max or Intel Joule.

Developing for Raspberry with Windows 10 IoT Core