Schedule the cleaning of a Roborock vacuum cleaner

You bought a vacuum cleaner robot Roborock S5 , S6 S50, S55, Xiaowa E2, E3, E20 on Amazon or on Gearbest . The machine is efficient, discreet and above all it relieves a regular and boring household task. Whether it is to simply vacuum or also mop, the Xiaomi Roborock and Xiaowa units can be programmed to clean every Monday, every day of the week, more intensively at the weekend, etc.

Everyone can define their preferences thanks to the Mi Home mobile application, to be installed on a phone or tablet.

This tutorial explains how to program the automatic cleaning of a Xiaomi Roborock or Xiaowa robot, in suction and/or mop mode . It only takes a few minutes to choose the days and times of cleaning so that the work is finished when you come home from work, when you get up or before receiving people at home. Automatic cleaning programming is offered on Xiaomi vacuum cleaners but not on all competitors, even the most expensive like Roomba. The easy home automation !

If not already done, think about vacuum Roborock / Xiaowa in French .

Plan a Roborock or Xiaowa vacuum cleaner cleaning robot

1. Open the application Mi Home on the smartphone or tablet.

2. Select the device Roborock :

tutoriel Roborock aspirateur robot Xiaomi

3. On the page with the blue background, press at the top right from the screen on the three buttons :

tutoriel Roborock aspirateur robot Xiaomi parametres

4. Go to ” Go to “.  Scheduled cleaning  » :

tutoriel roborock programmation

5. At the bottom of the screen, press “.  Adding programming  » :

tutoriel roborock programmer nettoyage

6. Define the start time which one(s) day(s) of the week and the cleaning mode (standard, silent, loud and max).

tutoriel roborock programmer nettoyage

7. It is possible to program different modes, for different days / schedules / cleaning force.

tutoriel roborock programmer nettoyage auto

8. The vacuum cleaner has received this information and will run on its own when the time comes. A notification will be sent to the mobile phone to notify of the start of the automatic cleaning as well as the end of the cleaning operation.