Outlook: unsubscribe and anti-spam wizard

Do you use Outlook software from the Microsoft Office office suite, at home or at work? Your mailbox is flooded with spam and unwanted newsletters? The latest versions of the email software include a wizard to unsubscribe from newsletters and junk mail. This tutorial explains how to use the wizard to unsubscribe from newsletters and other unwanted emails in just three clicks to get rid of spam.

It works with Outlook 2016, Outlook 2019 and Outlook 365 from the suite Office 365 . Earlier versions of the software do not offer this option, which is rather practical and simple to use.

However, this function should not be confused with the anti-spam engine. This may not work with all but undesirable people who already need to be moved to Outlook’s Junk Mail. This concerns newsletter emails, for example for Fnac, Cdiscount, La Redoute or other online stores, but also newsletters such as Femme Actuelle, Closer, Gentside… which regularly send messages (sometimes even when we did not wish it).

Note: All newsletters sent by a French company must include a link to unsubscribe. This does not apply to foreign companies or those that ignore the laws. This procedure is therefore a shortcut to avoid unsubscribing manually and also solve the problem when there is no link to unsubscribe.

Use the Outlook wizard to unsubscribe from an unwanted newsletter

1. Open Microsoft Outlook software.

2. Place yourself on a newsletter email.

3. Locate and click on the text “.  Cancel the subscription  “which is located in the message header:

4. Confirm the action of “.  Block the sender  » :

5. A message confirms that the e-mail address that sent the message is now blocked and that its next messages will automatically go to the Junk Mail in Outlook software.

6. Do the same with other unwanted messages in the Inbox.