Download and install the Windows 10 1909 update (November 2019 Update)

In mid-November 2019, Microsoft released the second major upgrade of the year for its Windows 10 operating system. Less important than May ( version 1903 ), the 2019 year-end edition is codenamed Redstone 7 – Build 18363 – 19H2. The next one at the beginning of 2020 will be Windows 10 20H1, but we are not there yet.

There are two ways to download and install a major update on Windows 10: manually by special software, or automatically by the Windows Update wizard. This is the second method that is described here, the simplest way for everyone to download and install the free Windows 10 1909 update – November 2019 Update . Let’s say the November 2019 update. Its version number is 1909 and Microsoft made it available in mid-November 2019.

The most observant had understood that the version number indicates the year and month of the update, but as for 1903, the 1909 was not released in September 2019.

As before any major Windows upgrade, it is strongly recommended to make a full backup of your personal files (documents, photos, music, etc.). We are never immune to an unfortunate bug and we may as well have the data at hand rather than cry in case of a crash. This does not exclude of course making regular backups so as not to lose important work or family photos (wedding, holidays, baby…).

Like all Windows 10 updates, the 1909 is available for free download, as is its installation. No money will be asked for, either now or in the future. Installing update 1909 is free and legal, offered by Microsoft for all authentic Windows 10 devices: PC laptop, desktop computer, tablet, 2 in 1 handset, etc.

In case of problem with this tutorial, a question related to the Windows update of November 2019 or for another version, go to the Easy Windows Forum to receive personalized assistance. Other tutorials are available on the site to assist you in updating procedures, bug fixing or installing new programs.

Windows 10 1909 update by Windows Update

1.. Open the start menu and click on the toothed wheel to open the Windows Settings.

tutoriel Windows 10 menu demarrer Parametres Panneau de configuration

2. Click on the”” icon  Updating and security  » :

tutoriel Windows 10 Mise à jour et sécurité Paramètres

3. The Windows Update page allows you to search for available updates and install them. Click on”.  Download and install now  “for the”  Updating functionality to Windows 10, version 1909  » :

tutoriel mise à jour Windows 10 1909 Novembre 2019 update

4. The preparation, downloading and installation of the update are automatic. Validate the restart of the computer when a message suggests it.

tutoriel mise à jour Windows 10 1909 Novembre 2019 update

telecharger mise à jour Windows 10 1909 November 2019 update

telecharger mise à jour Windows 10 1909 November 2019 update download free

5. The update process may take a little time, depending on the performance of the computer.

tutoriel mise à jour Windows 10 April Update 1803

If questions are asked, read this guide to install Windows 10 1903 May 2019 Update that gives the answers in detail.

6. Back on the Windows Desktop, a message indicates that the update went well. If there are no changes at first glance, consult the list of new features in Windows 10 1909 (article to come).

Check the 1909 update

It only takes a few seconds to check that the installation of the Windows 10 update went well.

1. Make a right click on the Start menu and choose System .

tutoriel Windows 10 menu demarrer systeme

2. Go down to the group “.  Windows Specifications  “(and not “Device Specifications”) to read the version and its installation date :

verifier systeme Windows 10 1909 W10

Warning, unlike previous major updates, the installation date is not changed after upgrade in 1909.