Chrome: block unwanted notifications

Advertising in your Google Chrome browser? It may not be related to the website visited and it is even less a computer vulnerability detected by virus protection. Chrome software may be the victim of malicious notifications that lead the user to believe that his computer is infected, that he must download a specific program or pay to eradicate a threat. All these alerts are false and are only intended to mislead the person in front of his or her PC .

If the messages only arrive when you are on the Internet with Google Chrome, it’s time to clean up and clean up the browser.

This tutorial explains how to block Google Chrome notifications to avoid unwanted messages such as fake viruses or other false threats.

Why? Why? Because some sites offer you notifications (Accept or Block) and you certainly accepted without really knowing what it was about. Never mind, you now know how to avoid that!

Block Google Chrome advertising and malicious pop-ups

1. Open the software Google Chrome .

2. Copy this line :


3. Go to the Chrome address bar (where the website address is indicated), glue the text and then validate by Entry .

tutoriel Google Chrome bloquer notifications

4. Find the line of the site that sends spam and false alerts in the Google Chrome browser. Make a click on the “.  three balls  “to the right of the line and choose”  Delete  » :

tutoriel Google Chrome supprimer notification

5. Repeat the operation as many times as necessary to block all malicious sites.

tutoriel Google Chrome empecher spam

6. There will be no more false virus alerts, visual pollution or advertising messages. If this happens again, it will be enough to follow this procedure again to eradicate them again. However, you must be careful and avoid accepting all notifications displayed on the Internet, as this may damage your web browser and computer.