Change the language of a Roborock vacuum cleaner

Beijing Roborock Technology Co., Ltd. (Roborock) has been part of Xiaomi, the Chinese electronics giant, since 2016. The first Mi Home Robotic Vacuum Cleaner model has since been emulated with an ever-improving and renewed range.

The Roborock S50 is the reference for 2 in 1 robot vacuum cleaners, which can vacuum as well as mop. It is of course an additional domestic robot that will not replace the sweep and the real mop to rub in the corners but its regular use keeps the house or apartment clean, especially if animals live there. The famous Roborock S50 v2 white then gave birth to the S55 (the same in black) and more recently to the S6. This S6 sucks more efficiently (2000Pa) and is faster to move, that’s all.

Roborock S5 , S6 S50, S55, Xiaowa E2, E3, E20… All these models come from China, which we buy on Amazon or on Gearbest . The only Roborock factory is at Xiaomi in Asia, and European sellers only buy in China to resell in the West. In case of purchase of an S50 on Gearbest Take care to choose “Roborock S50 Second-Generation International Version” so as not to end up with a Chinese model or one without a mop.

Anyway, the vacuum cleaner will arrive in a factory configuration in English (or worse, in Mandarin Chinese). Since the Roborock has the ability to speak to explain his actions (starting work, returning to the charging station…), he may as well understand what he is saying. This tutorial explains how to configure a Roborock vacuum cleaner in French to make him talk like us.

To modify the robot parameters or simply to control the suction and/or mop cleaning, it is necessary to install the Xiaomi Mi Home mobile application.

Put the Roborock or Xiaowa vacuum cleaner in French

1. Open the application Mi Home on the smartphone or tablet.

2. Select the device Roborock from the app’s home screen.

tutoriel Roborock aspirateur robot Xiaomi

3. On the page with the blue background, press the three buttons at the top right of the screen.

tutoriel Roborock aspirateur robot Xiaomi parametres

4. Press “.  Voice Package  » :

tutoriel Roborock aspirateur robot Xiaomi voix

5. Find ” Find  Frenchman  “and press the”” button  Use the  “to download the French voice:

tutoriel Roborock voix aspirateur robot Xiaomi

6. French is activated when the French line changes to “French  Current voice  » :

tutoriel changer voix Roborock aspirateur robot

7. The next actions of the Roborock will be dictated in French.