Automatic and free backup of Android photos

Photos taken with your smartphone are often moments of life that you don’t want to lose. If you have made it a habit with your digital camera to dump it on the computer in order to have the images on the PC it’s not the same reflex you have with your phone. However, this camera is more exposed to risks than a conventional camera (failure, theft, loss…). To avoid losing hundreds of personal photos taken with your smartphone, you may as well save them regularly.

The most standard method would be to connect the phone to a computer, to access the folders in the memory and copy your photos. But there is a method automatic and free backup of photos taken with an Android smartphone .

The automated backup of the photos will be done with a free application: Google Photos. This software allows you to watch photos and videos on your smartphone / tablet, but also to copy them automatically in the cloud to keep a copy even if you lose your phone.

This tutorial works with all Android devices, smartphones and tablets, regardless of their brand (Samsung, Sony, LG Asus, Huawei, Wiko, HTC Acer, Xiaomi, Honor, Nexus, Nokia under Android, etc). It is assumed that the Android device is already configured with a Google Gmail account, as requested when the smartphone and its first configuration are started.

Configure an automatic backup of Android photos

1. By default, brands install their own photo gallery application. We will install the free application Google Photos since Play Store or from his computer ( explanations ).

2. Open the application Google Photos .

3. Click on the menu (the three bars at the top left ) and choose Parameters .

tutoriel sauvegarde automatique photo Android Google Photos

4. Press “.  Backup and synchronize  » :

tutoriel sauvegarde automatique photo Android Google Photos

5. Press the line «  Backup and synchronize  “to activate the automatic backup option.

tutoriel sauvegarde automatique photo Android Google Photos

6. Leaving”.  Back up device folders  “with the proposed settings or modify the folders to be backed up (you can add the Instagram, Facebook, etc. folders).

tutoriel sauvegarde automatique photo Android Google Photos

7. The option”.  Recording size  “offers two options:

  • High quality Unlimited number of photos saved, free function with no quantity limit
  • Original size : the highest quality of the photos but this occupied disk space will be deducted from the Gmail account, i.e. 15GB

Choosing “High Quality” will be enough for the occasional photographers we are with our smartphone. This will not prevent you from recovering the photos in their maximum size by plugging them into a computer, as with a digital camera.

tutoriel sauvegarde automatique photo Android Google Photos

8. Last options to check to define when the automatic backup should be done.

  • Backup via mobile data Activate if you want to backup via the 3G / 4G connection of the device (beware of the data package quota); deactivate to backup only when the smartphone is connected to a wifi network
  • When to backup Activate “Only during charging” so that the automatic backup does not drain the smartphone’s battery; deactivate “Roaming” so that you do not copy photos when you are abroad and thus avoid exploding the telephone bill (the backup will therefore be done when you return from holidays or travel)

tutoriel sauvegarde automatique photo Android Google Photos

9. After the first backup that will copy all the photos from the phone, even those taken before the automatic backup configuration, you can view your photos on the Google Photos website: (connect with the Gmail account used on Android).

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