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Windows 10 Tips and Hacks

  Windows 10—Microsoft’s newest version of their operating system—is a little over a year old, and yet not too many people about the new features it offers. So to remedy that, we put together a list of the best Windows 10 tips and hacks to spread the word...
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Apple and Windows Platforms. Which one is Better?

  Apple vs. Windows   For those who are not aware Apple and Window are simply the most prevalent operating systems that are available with most flagship computing devices in the consumer market. From computers, handheld devices to fitness trackers, all these types of consumer items usually comprise...
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Introduction to Computer Monitoring Software

The internet has given everyone access to all sorts of web sites, some of them not really suitable for many people. We use our computers everyday without thinking about who is watching us or what is being put on to our computers. This is why we need monitoring...
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